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Watch Executive Protection 2001 Online

After causing a commotion with his last assignment, Falk has been given a desk job, which hardly agrees with his personality, and he ends up accepting an offer from an old friend to buy …

Watch Zero Tolerance 1999 Online

Johan is a two-fisted Gothenburg cop who finds himself in a shoot-out with jewel robbers. After the smoke has cleared, one robber, shot by his accomplice, and an innocent bystander, are dead. Three witnesses, including Helen, identify thug extraordinaire Leo Gaut as being the dead crook’s trigger-happy colleague. Gaut soon threatens the three witnesses, and only Johan, the badge-wearing hero, can …

Watch Johan Falk: GSI - Gruppen för särskilda insatser 2009 Online

Johan works in tandem with the GSI organized crime unit to bring in a cadre of armored car robbers

Watch Johan Falk: De 107 patrioterna 2012 Online

It’s a beautiful day in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg idyllic city park, when suddenly the unthinkable happens – gunfire amidst all people. Two gangsters shooting game against each other and a large police operation starts. The conflict grows rapidly to involve several gangs from Gothenburg underworld. GSI switched to try to identify a new thread which proves to be both larger and better armed than an…

Watch Johan Falk: Barninfiltratören 2012 Online

A group of young robbers, specializing in robbing shopping center security guards, are raging through out Gothenburg. A robbery goes awry when an innocent passerby is killed. Ricky, the gang’s young leader, tries to quickly find an expert who can clean the money of the dye pack that exploded while Johan Falk, and his colleagues at GSI, accelerate their hunt.

Watch Johan Falk: Kodnamn Lisa 2013 Online

Five men break into Frank Wagner’s apartment. Frank is able to escape and seeks out the help of Johan Falk. Has someone leaked that Frank is working with the police? Frank and John do not know who knows what and who they can trust.

Watch Johan Falk: Slutet 2015 Online

The unknown, large mafia organization is now showing its true face. The pressure that GSI and John Falk and his family have put on the organization, makes them fight back on all fronts. The rule book is thrown out. But to go after Johan Falk’s family, to try to kill his wife, could be the biggest mistake the organization has done. GSI closes up around Johan’s family, and the final battle begins.

Watch Johan Falk: Ur askan i elden 2015 Online

Johan Falk följer med hustrun till en död maffiaboss till Lettland för att där försöka lösa en gåta som gäckat honom i flera år. Det Johan finner i en stuga utanför Riga chockar inte bara honom utan även GSI:s nye chef Sophie Nordh och den förre chefen Patrik Agrell. I samma veva släpps de flesta av Rydellgängets originalmedlemmar ut från ett långt fängelsestraff. Tillsammans med nyrekryteringar …